Why Warren Hill Play Mats?

Machine Washable

Our play mats are designed to be easily thrown in the wash, and being high quality Flax linen, they actually get softer with each wash. Simply wash on a warm wash (40°C) with a mild detergent and line dry out of direct sunlight and it'll come out as good as new (or better!)

OKEO-Tex Certified

The stone-washed linen we use is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which means that the materials, dyes and finishes have been tested by independent textiles regulators and have been certified for maximum product safety, ensuring that each and every material component is free from any potentially harmful chemicals or processes.

Your most used baby item

It starts out life as a baby play mat, but will become a staple part of your home decor for years to come. Our play mats are designed to look beautiful in your home and will be used as blankets to snuggle under (by children and parents!) while watching movies, or used as a convenient outdoor blanket at picnics, and is intended to be passed down to new little sisters or brothers.

Absorbant & Hypoallergenic

As well as being wonderfully soft, linen is naturally hypoallergenic, extremely durable, and one of the most sustainable materials to harvest and produce in the textiles industry. Being very absorbent, our play mats are perfect for dribbly babies as the excess moisture is absorbed into the mat instead of your little one rolling around in it.

WarrenHill French Linen Baby Play Mat Oat

Fast, Free Delivery

Price includes free delivery Australia wide. Your order will typically be posted within 1-2 business days from Currumbin on the Gold Coast, so you can be getting your nursery ready for your little ones arrival before you know it.

WarrenHill French Linen Baby Play Mat Small Family Business

With Love from Currumbin, Australia

We are a small family business based in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. We're committed to providing the best possible service for you and also the planet we all share.


How thick are your play mats?

In technical terms the padding is 550gsm, it's hard to describe in words the thickness without just saying 'they're thick and soft', but we have personally used our mats with 2 of our little ones on tiled floors and lots of our customers use our play mats on wooden floors. We often refer people to our Instagram Story Highlights to see how our customers use their play mats in their own homes. In times when extra thickness is needed (when your little one is learning to sit for example) the play mats are large enough that they can be folded for double thickness.

Are linen play mats machine washable?

Yes, one of the best features of our play mats is that they actually get softer the more they are used and washed, so don't be afraid to wash it often.

How should I wash my linen play mat?

Our play mats should be washed on a warm machine wash (40°C) using a mild detergent and line dried out of direct sunlight.

Can the play mats be used outdoors?

Linen is an incredibly strong and durable natural fibre, so our play mats make an excellent outdoor blanket for your little one to play on, and if they do get dirty, they can be thrown in the washing machine and will come out good as new (or even better than new!).